Oh, dear





The Rum of Havana Club was so strong and I coudn't wake up


got so much Hangover after the day that I decided to no Drink This Rum







It was my first time that I ate Lobster


It was awesome, dude







I met the family who were from Equador


they were so nice to me and fortunately I followed them to Casa where they already booked



What a Cute Kids







there was raining everyday


Specially afternoon that was Squall and I felt anywhere near equator is Same about weather







Hi, Sir! Nice to meet you!


what is your name?



Me? I am Ernest Hemingway, Don't you know me?







It's Daiquiri that is really famous for tourists







anywhere in Cuba


Seafoods are good taste and I really enjoyed it even though I Do NOT like sea foods







what a huge place! It's Revolution Square!







Por Ernesto Guevara de la Serna!







Por Jose de San Martin!







I don't want to walk also don't have bicycle now so I took this







everywhere is Art












Under the sky and sweat all my body








Run Run Run








the owner of the restaurant was so kind, I really satisfied with her smile and the food







walking walking without reasons.. just do it









became the night when I took this picture the beggar asked me to get money








they were playing Cuban Music for me


only for me



there was no one, only for me







enjoy sea foods








enjoying to walk at night..








this is not Sunset


It's Sunrise in Havana

















Do you have time?



















so many people who traveled in Cuba


Coppelia Ice creams were nice and cheap




but I was not


I didn't like this just arverage Ice cream











fall in Love to Lobster










decided not to write English


this is waste of the time for me




I want to go to bed now.. shit















나는 절대적 자본주의 인간이라는 것을 상기 시켜준 시간


하지만 사회주의의 이상향에 대해 돌이켜본 시간



시간이 멈춘 곳 그리고 다른 세상


무질서의 세상에서 존재하는 질서





그리고 여행을 계속 이어나가야 하겠다는


아직도 나는 더 발전해야 한다는것을 다시금 깨달은 시간






2014년 8월 10일 ~ 8월 19일




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    멋진 유유의 사진으로 마지막을 장식했군ㅋ
    여행 조심히 하길 바라며..

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    쿠바 크..